Moldy kitchen turns into $17,000 nightmare for Indianapolis woman

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- After finding mold in her 88-year-old mother's kitchen, an Indianapolis woman says she fought for months with the contractor she hired to fix it.

When she didn't get her money back, Julie Burton-Ransom contacted CBS4 Problem Solvers.

Nearly a year ago, Burton-Ransom noticed a strange smell in the home.

"I got underneath the sink and it was mold," Burton-Ransom said.

She quickly went onto Home Advisor's website, found a contractor, and hired him. According to a contract, Burton-Ransom would pay Steven Cannon, with a company called Mold 911, $8,000 total for work that included demolition, mold treatment, and roof repair.

Eight months later, the kitchen was back in place, but Burton-Ransom said it was not what it seemed. She showed CBS4 Problem Solvers where the counter was pulling away from the wall and there were holes in the wall and in the floor, in addition to other issues.

Burton-Ransom showed her evidence to a judge, too. In November, that judge ruled in her favor and rewarded her an $8,000 judgment against Cannon.

Months later, she had yet to see any of that money repaid.

"I thought, you know, this is not working for me. He needs to give me my money," Burton-Ransom said.

CBS4 Problem Solves went to find Cannon. At the address he lists for Mold 911, we found a house where the person inside said Cannon does not live, only receives his mail.

Cannon did call us back on the phone, and said it was his subcontractors who were responsible for the poor workmanship in Burton-Ransom's home.

"After her house, I just, I said I just can’t do this anymore. So that’s why we just stuck with doing the mold remediation, we don’t put anything back together," Cannon said.

Cannon assured CBS4 Problem Solvers that he would start paying Burton-Ransom back.

"I’ve tried to do everything I can to make it right with her and I’m going to start making payments (to) the court within the next couple of weeks," Cannon said.

Three weeks later, that had not yet happened, according to court paperwork. Meanwhile, Burton-Ransom had hired a new contractor and started shelling out even more money. According to a new quote, it would cost her more than $9,000 to start over.

"I'd just like to have my money back so I can fix it," Burton-Ransom said.

CBS4 Problem Solvers will continue to follow Burton-Ransom's case.

In response to our request, a Home Advisor spokesperson issued this statement:

"After Ms. Burton contacted us about the quality of the work performed, we put Mr. Cannon’s account on hold and later removed him from our network."

If you'd like CBS4 Problem Solvers to consider your case, contact us at 317-677-1544 or

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