Greencastle woman rescued from burning home after going back inside to retrieve dogs

GREENCASTLE, Ind. -- Burnt belongings and smoke-stained siding surround Marie Tippin’s Greencastle home.

First responders pulled the 71-year-old woman from her burning home Tuesday night. Crews were called to the home on Frazier Street around 5:30 p.m.; Tippin and her grandchildren made it out on their own. She went back inside to look for her dogs.

“I had to have them dogs out,” said Tippin.

Tippin could barely breathe so she made it to a window and that’s when a Greencastle police officer and a firefighter knew they had to act.

“He grabbed me with one arm and he pulled me forward to grab the other arm. (He) pulled me through the window and he said, 'You can’t, you can’t go back in,'" said Tippin.

Crews searched through the burning home and ended up finding and saving Tippin’s three dogs.

“The home can be replaced, but my animals couldn’t. There would be no way. I was just so grateful,” said Tippin, who counts herself lucky to make it out alive.

First responders say you should never go back into a burning building, no matter what. You can be more helpful while outside.

“If you meet us, then the information that you’re going to give us is really going to make a difference on how successful we are to get pets out or a loved one,” said Lt. Robert Beebe with the Greencastle Fire Department.

This grandmother knows she made a dangerous decision and knows the actions of those first responders saved her

“(I’m) very, very grateful for all of them, every one of the officers, every one of the firefighters that came here,” said Tippin.

Investigators are still working to figure out the exact cause of the fire.