All eyes on Traders Point as area’s first-ever salt therapy room opens

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind— The health and beauty industry is all about “the next big thing.”

Lately, trends have leaned toward more alternative treatments. First, there was cryotherapy. Then, float therapy, and now salt therapy. I’d heard of Himalayan salt lamps, but an actual salt room was something I had only heard about during a trip to the west coast. Then, earlier this month, Indy’s first-ever salt lounge opened its doors.

Just off 86th Street and Zionsville Road, tucked behind Traders Point Shopping Center in a crisp new office building is Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge. With an overall 5-star rating on Yelp, reviewers also note the relaxing environment, fair pricing, and professional staff.

But today we are learning about one of the most unique new experiences that you can only find in Traders Point on this trip In Your Neighborhood.

“You walk in and there’s over 5,000 pounds of Himalayan salt on the floors and the walls and that is helping produce negative ions to help the salt go into your body,” said co-owner Shelley Clayton.

“The salt on the floor is kind of a nice beach setting. You go in, lay in a recliner and just relax. You can take a nap. The only thing you really have to do is just breathe that salt in and let it get in to your body,” she added.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  • 1: The salt room is an absolute must! Salt therapy helps to support the immune system and relieves of asthma, allergies, COPD and many other respiratory conditions. Additionally, salt therapy can benefit your skin, making you healthier and look better. Only the finest quality dry salts from the Dead Sea are used.
  • 2: Yelpers rave about low prices to keep everything within the budget. “They are much lower than anyone else, even on their special event pricing. The longer you wait, the longer you have to wait for the affordable results! An affordable win/win.” - Alicia N.
  • 3: Be sure to enjoy the benefits of salt therapy. Using the finest quality dry salts from the Dead Sea, the dry salt naturally absorbs allergens, toxins and foreign substances within your lungs and respiratory tract.
  • 4: Ageless Aesthetics offers Botox, dermal fillers, laser services, facials, chemical peels, waxing, eyelash extensions, body contouring, a relaxing Salt Lounge and more

Halotherapy—or dry salt therapy—dates back to the mid 1800s when Polish miners noticed improvements to their skin and respiratory health after spending time in underground salt caves. Now, people come to salt lounges like this for general wellness and holistic treatment for particular ailments.

“The salt is actually a mucolytic and an anti-inflammatory so it works well for emphysema, COPD, sinusitis, congestion, any type of mucus that you have in your body,” Clayton explained.

The concept of sitting in a salt room might be new for Hoosiers, but it’s actually been a top wellness trend in the United States for several years now.

“People can finally have that experience without having to go out to Scottsdale Arizona or going to eastern Europe for a spa resort experience,” said Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy.

While the salt room is getting plenty of attention itself, Ageless Aesthetics also offers the more traditional med-spa services from a full staff of specialists. They are owned by two registered nurses, Clayton and Diana Carter, and have a staff of licensed estheticians as well as a masseuse who also works with the Indianapolis Colts.

“We are the flagship location for Skinceuticals in Indianapolis so we do all of the Skinceuticals skin treatments, facials, peels, those kinds of things. We do a lot of injectables, Botox and fillers, microblading, eyelash extensions, we are getting ready to start doing micro needling and a lot of other cool things,” said Clayton.

Whether they are looking to slim down with a treatment like body contouring or enhance their appearance through a different service, potential clients realize a picture is worth a thousand words.

“People are really wanting to flip through those photos on Yelp and see those before and afters before they actually make the phone call to sign up for an appointment,” said Smith.

The goal: to walk out feeling like a million bucks without spending a million bucks.

“From the normal mom to the person who does have money… We want people to be able to afford our treatments and get themselves feeling better without breaking the bank,” said Clayton.

For more info about Ageless Aesthetics and Salt Lounge, check out their Yelp profile or website. You can also connect with them via Facebook.

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