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Indy celebrates Valentine’s Day 2018

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Love is in the Indianapolis air, as residents celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Couples taking part in the vow renewal ceremony.

Sparks can fade after years of marriage, but the Indy City Market spent the day recapturing that flame with a special Valentine’s Day vow renewal.

Mayor Joe Hogsett officiated that Sharing the Love ceremony Wednesday morning.

Ken and Roberta Avidor have been married for almost 35 years.

Myron and Beth Davis got engaged on Valentine’s Day 32 years ago, just after three dates. They stood hand-in-hand and renewed their vows.

“When we first got married, we promised we would never use the “d” word, meaning divorce,” Myron Davis said. “No matter how good, bad or ugly things got, we always knew that we could always work our way through it. Never even considered it, ever.”

Beth and Myron Davis met 32 years ago.

The celebration also included music, cake, card-writing stations and a photo booth.

“She’s just beautiful,” Davis sad. “She’s caring, understanding, she’s just a wonderful person. She always thinks of other people and she’s just wonderful”

Check out the video below to see how other Indy residents are celebrating!


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