Expect warmer temperatures and rain before colder air returns to central Indiana

The warm up has arrived--and so has the rain.

Temperatures are already starting out in the 30s and 40s this morning. A few light to moderate showers will continue off and on this morning and into the afternoon.

A steady but slow rise in temperatures is expected for most of the day, even into the evening and overnight. In fact, our high temperatures of around 50 degrees today will likely be reached just before midnight.

Temperatures will continue to rise into Thursday as well, and will likely head into the 60s for a good portion of central Indiana.

Even heavier rain is expected on Thursday, especially midday. An additional ½” to 1” of rain could fall.

Light showers will continue into the evening until a front passes late Thursday evening and temperatures drop!

The highs on Friday will likely be reach in the early morning hours (upper 30s) and by the afternoon temperatures will have dropped into the 20s. Skies will clear for late Friday, but the cold air will have returned.