State police discuss latest on murder of Delphi teens, including update on Daniel Nations

DELPHI, Ind. – Exactly one year after the disappearance of Abby Williams and Libby German, Indiana State Police held a press conference over their murders.

ISP Superintendent Doug Carter spoke Tuesday from the Delphi Historic Trails, where the Delphi teens were last seen.

Carter started by saying that over the past year, he’s seen the very best of humanity in such a trying time and he hopes the community continues to keep this case out in the forefront.

“I was able to see from afar this community and Carroll County and the City of Delphi come together and support not only the law enforcement and the people here who have given so much of their lives to this case but also to the families,” said Carter. “I came to plead and implore you to keep this out front and center.”

Carter went on to address why the Delphi case is so personal to him.

“It’s personal to me because those two young girls were everybody’s daughters,” said Carter. “In this beautiful place that represents the very best of humanity, and look what happened.”

When speaking about the progress of the investigation, the Superintendent said they’ve received over 30,000 tips from around the country and he believes we’re “one piece of the puzzle away from figuring out who this individual is.” And when they find that out, that’s when the real work begins.

As for the search for the killer, Carter says he’s optimistic he’ll be able to look him in the eyes and ask him “why?” The Superintendent added that while the community involvement in the case is great, he doesn't want people to compare photos on the internet.

“Please if you have an idea of an individual or a comment or a phrase or a name that you send it to us,” said Carter. “It creates lots of complications when that analysis is done outside of the purview of the representatives I represent that are standing behind me today.”

Carter also touched on Daniel Nations, the man once considered a person of interest in the Delphi killings, saying his detectives are not too concerned with him at this time.

“We went out to Colorado and we spent a little time with him, and he’s not a person we care a lot about at this moment and time,” said Carter. “Until somebody is arrested, we’re interested in almost everybody.”

At the end of the press conference, Carter said he plans to keep the “science piece” of the investigation very close to the vest, adding that he believes the photograph of the suspected killer and the audio of “down the hill” should be enough to identify the suspect.

Police say the case remains far from cold. Anyone with information that may help investigators is asked to call the tip line: 844-459-5786.

“We cannot allow evil to prevail,” said Carter.

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