More than $500 returned to woman after CBS4 Problem Solvers report

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A central Indiana woman's employer handed her a check for more than $500 after CBS4 Problem Solvers stepped in to help with her case.

Vickie Worley contacted CBS4 after she paid off an old debt through wage garnishment, but suddenly more money started coming out of her paychecks.

"I was upset and I couldn't figure it out," Worley said.

After reviewing Worley's pay stubs and bringing it to the attention of ADP, a third-party company that handles garnishments for her employer, CBS4 Problem Solvers was told, "this issue has been resolved," but was not given any specific details.

Worley said that a week after the first report aired, she received the check for the extra money she had paid since November, and money stopped coming out of her paychecks.

"I think you guys (did) it ... and I don't think I would've got this back as quick," Worley said. "If it wasn't for you guys, this probably would still be going on."

The last step for Worley will be getting her garnishment officially closed out. A judge has scheduled a hearing next week to talk about closing Worley's case.

"I'm hoping it's over. Hopefully I don't have to go through this again," Worley said.

If you have a problem you'd like CBS4 Problem Solvers to consider, contact us at (317) 677-1544 or

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