ISP talking to new people in Flora fatal fire investigation

Victims of the fatal Flora fire.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – State police are conducting several new interviews and have even been traveling out of the state, to get some answers in the Flora fatal house fire that killed four young sisters.

ISP Superintendent Doug Carter told CBS4 his detectives are talking with people familiar with the residents in the area of the house fire.

“It seems like every time we talk to one, we end up with two more,” he said. “Nothing conclusive yet, but the good news is we’re getting historical perspective of the residents and the area around the residents.”

Those interviews include talks with people who are out of the state.

This comes after a peer review conducted by the Indianapolis Fire Department in conjunction with IMPD confirmed the fire was set intentionally.

Carter said he was saddened for the victims by this news, but also relieved for the case.

“I had to know that this was intentional. That this was intentionally set. And I am 110% convinced that it was,” he said.

When asked why he needed to know, Carter replied, “Just all of the speculation of rumors that were surrounding all of this. Again, it was a world that I didn’t understand.”

Arson cases are notoriously difficult to solve, which is why Carter believes people need to talk if there is to be an arrest in this case.

“This will be one of those that’s gonna require someone to tell us what they know. And I believe that’s happening now.”

 You can call in a tip to the state’s Arson Hotline at 1-800-382-4628.

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