Bunker Hill dogs recovering after coyote attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BUNKER HILL, Ind. – A central Indiana dog owner is warning other pet owners to beware of coyotes.

“It literally happens in a split second,” explains Holly Gilbreath, dog owner.

On Wednesday evening, Holly Gilbreath let all four of her dogs outside her Bunker Hill home.  She didn’t hear anything but knew something was wrong when one of her dogs, Tango, came in the house bloody and another dog, Willy was missing.

“This day that coyote was hunting and he was looking for dinner,” explains Gilbreath.

After looking for ten minutes, Gilbreath found her Westie, Willy.

“(He) wasn’t yelping or anything, no movement what so ever. Just blood pouring out of him basically. He’s got about 20 puncture wounds around his neck,” explains Gilbreath.

Both dogs were rushed to the vet with deep gashes and needing stitches.  It’s believed a coyote got a hold of Willy and Tango, biting, shaking and even dragging the two dogs.  Both dogs have internal injuries as well. The attack happened less than 20 feet from Gilbreath’s back porch.

“My neighbors said they have seen for the last three weeks or so a pack of three coyotes coming from a far field,” explains Gilbreath.

Concerns over coyotes have not only been reported out in rural areas. Just last week we told you about coyote sightings in Castleton neighborhoods.

“Oh, it breaks my heart, it can truly happen to anyone,” explains Gilbreath.

Since the encounter, Gilbreath’s routine has changed.

“You just have to be aware. I have not let them out of my sight when they go outside from here on out, probably will never happen again,” explains Gilbreath.

Tango and Willy are on medicine and have more vet appointments schedule but are home resting.

“The fact that they are alive, just, somebody was looking down on us,” explains Gilbreath.

DNR encourages pet owners to have plenty of lighting around your home and remove any source of food.

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