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‘Mistress Day’ helps keep local florists busy

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – While many men order flowers for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, thousands are also ordering bouquets for mistresses.

Private investigators working throughout central Indiana were so busy looking for cheaters this month, none were available to do an interview. When our reporter called local flower shops, though, nearly every single florist knew what we were referring to.

“There is more than one kind of lover, so to speak,” said Melissa Smith, who runs George Thomas Florist.

She admitted, while it’s not common at their location, she has seen men ordering more than one item for sweethearts on the side.

“There have been a few times,” she said. “You can kind of read body language if they turn red. They don’t always come out and say.”

Other flower shops laughed about the matter, but wouldn’t go on camera saying their regulars of 30+ years are often the perpetrators.

A Journal of Marital and Family Therapy study showed 22% of men admit to cheating and, that 14% of wives say they’ve sneaked out on their significant other as well. Other studies show if a person is cheating, not only will he or she spend money on the extra person, but they’ll probably shell out more cash on that individual than anyone else.

Local flower shops said over the phone that sometimes, “cheaters” will order one bouquet online and then visit the store in person and pay with cash so that they’re not caught.

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