Counseling services fund for abused gymnasts created by USA Gymnastics

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – USA Gymnastics, along with The National Gymnastics Foundation, have created a new fund for athletes who have suffered abused.

It’s called the Athlete Assistance Fund and is designed to provide the financial means and guidance for gymnasts that have suffered sexual abuse in gymnastics to obtain counseling services.

An independent third party will administer the process of applying for funding support, facilitate the provision of counseling services and provide confidentiality of applicants.

A five-person Designated Fund Committee of the National Gymnastics Foundation will oversee the fund, which will be administered by the independent third-party administrator.

The fund comes in wake of the Larry Nassar scandal.

“Our hearts go out to all of the survivors affected by sexual abuse within USA Gymnastics,” said Ferriola, who will chair the Designated Fund Committee. “We hope this fund will provide guidance and financial assistance in securing the necessary counseling services in support of the healing process for survivors of sexual abuse, as well as a method for our community to show their support directly to the athletes that need our assistance.”

Contributions designated to the USA Gymnastics Athletes Assistance Fund can be made to the National Gymnastics Foundation, c/o USA Gymnastics, 130 E. Washington St., Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or by visiting the USA Gymnastics website.

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