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Taxman Brewing Company’s newest location adds a Belgian touch to Fortville’s Main Street

FORTVILLE, Ind. – When Taxman Brewing Company started in Bargersville back in 2014, its owners—a trio of accountants—sought to create a unique brand and style. Their unmistakable logo consisting of a skull wearing a top hat and bow tie was inspired by the famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

Luckily, when you walk inside Taxman’s second location, which opened a little over 6 months ago at 29 S. Main Street in Fortville, you won’t have to deal with taxes or death. But beer and great food? They’ve got plenty of that. Plus, you’ll experience it all with a Belgian touch.

“We just take flavors and dishes that basically are global. Beer is Belgian but they still take influence from all over and popular beer styles everywhere. We do the same thing with the food,” said head chef Ryan Kernodle.

“From the very beginning designs, they knew it was going to be a restaurant and alcohol wine liquor and beer. They knew it was going to be just as important to get the food nailed down as it is the beer,” he said.

So, what’s the Belgian connection?

“The reason why we do Belgian style beer is Nathan, his wife and one of the other co-owners actually lived in Belgium for 2 years and then came to Indiana and wanted to share the experience,” explained Colin McCloy, Taxman’s co-owner and chief production officer.

Their menu is seasonal and rotates every two or three months. However, if you check out their Yelp reviews, there are some consistent fan favorites like pickles and chips, Belgian frites, ribeye, salmon, tenderloin, and the star of their brunch menu—of course—the Belgian waffle.

But let’s talk about the beer. After all, Taxman is a brewery.

If you’re new to Belgian beer or simply want to try their most popular brews, McCloy has plenty of recommendations.

“The two go-to’s, depending on what you like are typically Gold Standard, which is our abbey blonde ale, which is mean to be light, refreshing, easy and approachable. The other one that stands out is Deduction: our double. It’s Belgian style brown ale that is a little bit sweeter. It has notes of raisin, fig, and caramel,” he said.

If you’re a beer enthusiast feeling adventurous, he suggests the Coffee Vanilla Qualified—also known as the “QUAD.”

“It’s very rich, smooth, silky, and of course it has a nice robust coffee flavor to it,” said McCloy.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  1. Located on the east side on Indianapolis in Fortville, it is only a 30 minute drive from 465 East. Additionally, Taxman has another location on the south side in Bagersville. Plus, they offer an event space on their second floor that is perfect for wedding receptions, events, and intimate weddings.
  2. Yelpers note the perfect setting at Taxman. “The ambiance and atmosphere are on par. From the exposed brick and duct work to the beautiful chandeliers, I pretty much just want my apartment to look like this on the inside. Also, the music selection was a perfect mix.” – review from Lakin H.
  3. The brewery is named Taxman after three of the business owners’ professional tax consulting work. These three gentlemen met while working in Belgium, and brought their love of brewing back to the U.S.
  4. The pub is open Tuesday-Sunday and features 24 different taps, most of which are Belgian inspired. It also features many seasonal garden-to-table dishes.

Then as you head out the door, go exploring a bit--because according to Yelp Indy’s Brittany Smith,  this Main Street is anything but sleepy.

“Coming from a small town, you’re used to seeing some of those vacant store fronts on Main Street. And now Fortville is truly a leader in the state of showing how you can take those buildings, turn them in to vibrant businesses, and then give those people a place that is right in their backyard to go and visit on the weekends and not have to drive to Carmel or to Downtown to have something to do and great food to eat,” said Smith.

You can get more info about Taxman Brewing Company via their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more photos and local reviews, check out their Yelp profile.

While in Fortville, check out these highly-rated local businesses within 3 blocks of Taxman Brewing:

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