Family gathers to remember Muncie man killed one year ago

MUNCIE, Ind. – The family of a Muncie man shot to death one year ago gathered for a vigil Sunday afternoon.

Joseph Johnson was shot and killed on February 5, 2017. His mother said his death came one day after his 39th birthday.  Investigators believe he was involved in a shootout with another person. The case remains unsolved.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Brenda McCoy, Johnson’s mother, about gun violence in the community. “It’s gotten out of hand and there’s been too many deaths in the year 2017.”

McCoy said she feels the pain of this loss every day.

“I’m still grieving, his children are grieving,” McCoy said.

This mother has turned that grief into a cause. She’s raised money to keep a billboard up with her son’s picture and the phrase “Justice for Joseph.” She said she is also organizing community events.

Sunday afternoon, her friends and family met at the intersection closest to the billboard for a balloon release.

“I hope it brings peace to our community because we are a small knit community,” McCoy said.

McCoy is asking anyone with information about her son’s death to contact police.


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