Ball State lifts fraternity party ban after three months

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MUNCIE, Ind. – A ban on Ball State fraternity parties has come to an end for most organizations.

The three-month ban on social events expired Wednesday, as planned. The university instituted the ban as a “joint decision” with fraternity officials to protect students and the community.

Thirteen fraternities pledged to bring a temporary stop to social events, whether or not alcohol was involved. Fraternity members agreed to go through training sessions on topics like alcohol use, sexual assault, hazing and bystander intervention.

University leaders said the ban wasn’t connected to any specific incident, but was instead a response to a trend of unacceptable behavior.

School leaders say the ban has been lifted for 12 of the 13 houses. One fraternity, Fiji house, is finishing up requirements and will have the ban lifted soon.

Dr. Kay Bales, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Services, says numbers show the social events ban had a positive impact: In the three months before the ban, there were 51 reports filed related to alcohol, fighting, hazing, excessive noise or sexual misconduct. That number dropped to 12 during the three-month ban and didn’t include any complaints related to alcohol, hazing or sexual assault.

In a letter sent to the campus, Bales said in part:

“In the last six months, there has been a great deal of attention by the media as universities eliminate or significantly curtail Greek life. Because of our students’ perseverance and determination, we have created a model that is being adapted by colleges and universities across the country.”

Moving forward, officials say Greek life leaders, advisers and alumni from all organizations will form a new task force on Greek culture, with plans to review policies every semester.

University leaders say more than 800 individuals attended six alcohol skills training sessions and 10 sexual assault-bystander courses. The ban went into effect on Oct. 24, 2017, and expired on Jan. 31, 2018.