VIDEO: Indiana restaurant worker mistakenly gives customer cocaine with cheese stick order

GRIFFITH, Ind. – A restaurant owner in Indiana was arrested after police say a customer received cocaine with her cheese stick order, WGN-TV reports.

In surveillance video released by police, Carrie Demoff, the owner of Broad Street Gyros, can be seen walking into the back office before entering the kitchen with a white container. Police say the white container tested positive for cocaine.

The video cuts to the front of the restaurant and shows a worker giving a paying customer her order. Police say the worker mistakenly gave this customer the order with cocaine.

A short time later, a man walks into the store, bypasses the cashier, and starts to count cash. Demoff can be seen looking for the order with cocaine and then getting upset. Police tell WGN-TV that’s because she can’t find the order with cocaine.

The customer who mistakenly received the order with cocaine went straight to police.

Demoff was arrested last week and is facing felony charges. The business is now closed.

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