Extremely rare ‘super blue blood moon’ set for early Wednesday morning

Sky watchers across the nation are in for a celestial treat Wednesday morning. Skies are forecast to be cloudy across central Indiana Wednesday morning and Hoosiers may not be able to clearly see the show.

This is an extremely rare event, featuring a super moon, a blue moon and an eclipse. It’s the first time a blue moon and total lunar eclipse have occurred in the U.S. since March 1866.

A super moon happens when the moon is closest to Earth and appears brighter than normal.

A blue moon is when two full moons happen in one month. The first full moon in January happened on Jan. 1.

If we're lucky and skies are clear enough, you'll see a red moon, often referred to as a "blood moon." This is because of our planet's atmosphere. Light from the sun passes through our planet and is refracted, or bent, as it exits our surface, illuminating the moon in a red glow instead of our view of it being obscured.

Let's hope things work out and we can see this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Here's what you will see.

No special equipment is necessary to view the event.

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