Fishers police want you to call 911 if someone pulls up, says you’ve lost license plate

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police are trying to track down the two men at the center of a potentially dangerous license plate scheme. The warning from police comes after a woman driving near 116th street and Allisonville Road Sunday night when she says she was followed by two strange men.

“The men in the powder blue pickup truck pulled up beside her and honked their horn. Once they got her attention they yelled out to her that she had lost her license plate,” said Fishers Police Sgt. Tom Weger.

The woman told police the men waved her down, held up a license plate and told her it had fallen off the back of her car. But, the woman knew the license plate was not hers and drove off.

“Luckily, she knew her license plate number,” said Sgt. Weger.

Fishers Police say this is the first report of this scheme in the area. As of now, investigators do not believe this car is linked to other crimes in Fishers.

Police say the men who were in their mid-20’s most likely took some time to plan out this scheme. As for what they planned to do if the driver did pull over, investigators can only assume the worst.

“We want people to be aware of a potentially dangerous scheme,” said Sgt. Weger.

Police say anyone who is approached in this manner should call 911 immediately.

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