Mi Hacienda brings authentic family recipes, colorful, Instagram-worthy dishes, and warm hospitality as one of Carmel’s newest hidden gems

CARMEL, Ind. – Hamilton County is full of hidden, blink-or-you’ll-miss-it gems. For instance, if you turn off North Meridian Street to West Carmel Drive, keep your eyes peeled for an unassuming, yet flavorful new hot-spot located at 819 W. Carmel Drive, called Mi Hacienda

Not to be confused with other generic Mexican restaurants, Mi Hacienda is family-owned and their staff will warmly tell you that they are all connected as sisters, brothers, cousins, or family friends.  All with one mission: to share their time-honored recipes as if they were inviting you into their home.

It’s that warmth that has already garnered them glowing reviews in just 6 months since opening their doors.

Credit: Yelp Indy

“We get the cozy feeling, the home feeling, so we are like your home away from home,” said Maria Bernal, Mi Hacienda’s Assistant Manager.

Even on the chilliest winter day, stepping inside Mi Hacienda instantly make you feel like you’ve stepped into a completely different climate. The temperature is cozy, but it’s the colors, decor, and atmosphere that transport visitors south of the border.

“You’re going to feel a little ray of sunshine with the green booths, the flags hanging overhead, the festive music, and the staff is super friendly,” explained Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy.

But like all great Mexican restaurants, it’s the food that keeps people coming back for more.

“The top trending items are definitely the Three Amigos, which comes with a little bit of chicken, steak, and seafood,” Smith said.

When it comes to house favorites, there are many. It just depends on who you ask.

“Our chicken soup, our arroz con pollo, [and] pollo poblano. We get a lot of good ones… My personal favorite would probably have to be the fajitas, fajitas Mi Hacienda,” said Bernal.

Then, wash it down with some traditional—or festive—drinks.

“They’re offering horchata which is the rice milk with cinnamon, they’ve got the Jamaica juice as well. [Or the] agave wine margarita which still has 20% alcohol really fun and festive,” Smith said.

In a world where Mexican restaurants can be found nearly all over any given community, Mi Hacienda’s secret to standing out is all in their secret family recipes.

“We like to incorporate a lot of our culture in our food. A lot of the recipes come from our mothers, or our mother’s mother so it’s literally home,” Bernal said.

And their special sweet touches at the end of the meal don’t hurt either.

“One of the things that stands out in the Yelp reviews is the surprise dessert you get at the end . The sopapilla which comes with honey and chocolate, topped with whipped cream,” said Smith,

And if you’re celebrating a birthday, or just satisfying your sweet tooth, there’s plenty of other sweet treats for dessert.

“Some of their other desserts that stand out are definitely the churros served with ice cream— it’s really festive and fun,” Smith added.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  1. An elaborate menu with plenty of choices means there's something for everyone. And they also feature some great specials, including lunch specials starting at $5.99!
  2. Dishes are authentic and artfully prepared. The presentation of the food will have you wanting to snap a quick picture before you dig in.
  3. Known for its tasty Mexican fare and seafood dishes, Yelpers are big fans of Carmel’s Mi Hacienda Mexican Restaurant.
  4. Yelpers love the dining experience at Mi Hacienda. They rave about the bright and inviting space and the friendliness of the employees. Good service and a welcoming  atmosphere keep  customers coming back.

Then, if you feel like exploring, there are plenty of other gems in Hamilton County to put on your list.

“Some of those include Rackz Barbecue on Main Street has really great reviews from the get-go. Another one is Della Leva which is a coffee shop in Fishers. So, you can constantly be coming to this area and finding something new,” said Smith.

For more info and local reviews, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with Mi Hacienda via their website or on Facebook.

While in Carmel, check out these nearby hot-spots within 3 miles of Mi Hacienda Mexican Restaurant:


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