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Alexander Rossi reveals the IndyCar star who almost replaced Conor Daly on The Amazing Race

Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly have become fan favorites on the new season of The Amazing Race.

Rossi, of course, won the Greatest Spectacle in Racing when he was just 24 years old. Now he's trekking across the globe every Wednesday night on CBS4.

Our Rachel Bogle sat down with the IndyCar driver to chat about his experience on the show.

Rachel: How do you even prepare for something like this?

Alex: You don’t. My preparation was going in to REI and buying things that would make sense if you go camping-ish. It was weird because they don’t tell you what to pack. They just tell you what you can’t pack. So, it’s kind of like the world is your oyster in terms of what you’re going to bring.

Rachel: So what could you not pack?

Alex: Anything electronic, basically. You can’t pack maps—not that you would know the countries you are going to. You can’t pack language booklets. Anything that would give you more knowledge I guess.

Rachel: Like a leg up.

Alex: Exactly, like a leg up. But you can pack as many energy bars and soap and headlamps as you want, but no books or Kindles.

Rachel: Is there anything that you didn’t pack that you wish you would have?

Alex: I think I would have loved protein packets or powder. I packed some of those energy gels and stuff.

Rachel: The kind that marathon runners use?

Alex: Yeah, but that was just gross and it didn’t fill you up. So, it gave you calories but it wasn’t great. So I would have like to have something of substance because you actually—on the legs of the race—you don’t really eat.

Rachel: Who do you think the most prepared team was?

Alex: I think Cody and Jessica were—are—whatever. I mean, he was in the military. He was a Marine for two tours. We saw him kind of show up at the starting line because you don’t you don’t actually interact with the contestants until the starting line. So when we found out who he was, we were like, “Alright, yeah, we should probably just give him the prize right now.”

One of the most interesting bits of insider info that Alex divulged during the sit-down was that Conor Daly actually wasn’t his first choice teammate for #TeamIndyCar.

Who was? The answer may—or may not—surprise you.

Rachel: Were there any other IndyCar candiates who gave Conor a run for his money as far as being your teammate on the show?

Alex: Initially, it was supposed to be James [Hinchcliffe] and I. But he was still in a contract with ABC [for Dancing with the Stars]. And he is also Canadian, which is difficult for a U.S. based game show technically. Then, Conor was obviously the viable alternative. And I was actually stoked to do it with Conor because—if anything—I know Conor more than I know James. It all worked out in the end and I don’t think if I would have had a different teammate that the result would have been much different.

Tune in next Wednesday morning for another round of “Fast 4” questions with Alexander Rossi. And don’t forget to cheer on #TeamIndyCar on The Amazing Race on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. right here on CBS4!