Three suspects arrested after firing shots at undercover IMPD officer on east side

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- An undercover Indianapolis police officer, driving an unmarked vehicle, were fired on by suspects in a car he was trailing at Neptune Drive and Andy Drive Tuesday morning on the east side.

The pursuit ended a short distance away in the 2500 block of Constellation Drive as three suspects were taken into custody and police towed their red Chevrolet Impala.

“I can tell you last week I specifically received information from a community member that lives in this area that gave me information about an Impala that was driving up and down 21st Street, Mitthoefer, Franklin Road, Post Road, with armed individuals in it,” said IMPD Deputy Chief Chris Bailey. “I passed that information on to East District that night and they stopped a car and retrieved a gun out of that car. This car matches that same general description.”

IMPD has stepped up marked and unmarked patrols in the community surrounding the vicinity of 42nd Street and Post Road after five murders, half of this year’s criminal homicide tally, have been connected to the area.

Bailey said detectives would test any guns found in the car to see if they matched weapons used in other recent crimes. The officers were not injured.

“They’re involved in violent crime so as the investigation progresses and we retrieve a firearm, we’ll do some ballistic testing and DNA testing to see if it matches anything so hopefully these are responsible for something we can put them in jail and hold them responsible for,” said Bailey.

Deputy Chief of Operations Chad Knecht said his patrol officers are responding to complaints and tips to track down armed suspects who have intimidated, killed and robbed their neighbors on the city’s northeast side.

“This is the neighborhood coming to us and saying, ‘This is enough. We’re gonna work with you and this is unacceptable,’” said Knecht.  “We weren’t here by accident. One of the occupants of the vehicle is a potential target of the Indianapolis Violence Reduction Partnership (IVRP). We’re putting the right resources with the right people to be here at the right time.”

The IVRP is a working group of local and federal law enforcement authorities meeting to target the most violent offenders in Indianapolis and developing strategies for their apprehension and prosecution.

Meanwhile, IMPD Chief Bryan Roach said today a 2017 child death has been ruled a murder, lifting last year’s criminal homicide total to 155.

Photo from scene on January 23, 2018

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