Fog departs, rain arrives and ends as snow

A dreary day around central Indiana as clouds obscure the sun and the northern half of Indiana is swamped in by fog.

The fog resides along and north of a warm front that has moved north through the state.  South of the warm front, fog isn’t an issued and temperatures have climbed in to the 50°s.

A developing area of low pressure in the central Plains will move east over the next 48-hours.  The warm front extending from the area of low pressure will continue moving north, taking scattered showers/drizzle north of the CBS4 viewing area after 2am Monday.

We will have several dry hours early Monday (pre-dawn) prior to a line of rain arriving in central Indiana.  At this time, the line looks to move in to central Indiana mid-morning and be out of the area by 2pm.

Computer model projection of radar/satellite imagery.

The cold front associated with the low will take a while to pass through the state.  Until the front passes, I’m going to keep a chance for a few scattered showers in the forecast Monday afternoon and evening.

Once the front passes Monday night, cooler air will begin to move in.  Temperatures will fall throughout Tuesday, starting in the 40°s, reaching the mid-30°s by afternoon.

As the low passes Tuesday, moisture will be swung around the low, bringing precipitation over central Indiana at times.  Temperatures a few thousand feet above the ground will support snow, however, temperatures at the surface may be a little too warm for snow to reach the ground, so it may end up being scattered rain showers for much of the area.  That being said, snow showers will be possible over the northern half of the state.


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