Warmer temperatures on the way after single-digit start to Wednesday

The Warm Up Has Begun!

Despite temperatures remaining cold (single digits!) to start Wednesday, a warm up has already begun. Temperatures are starting Wednesday 5 to 10 degrees warmer than where they were at this time yesterday.

We’ll warm up two ways over the next few days:


Expect clear skies for the next few days, and that should begin the modify the dry air mass that will be in place. The only problem is that most of central Indiana has snow cover, meaning a significant portion of the sun’s warmth will be reflected back into space.

Southwest Winds:

The best way we’ll warm up will be strong southwest winds over the next couple of days. This will help to keep daytime highs moving up each day, and overnight lows won’t be nearly as chilly.

It all adds up to a forecast that brings temperatures close to 50 degrees by the weekend. And since the next system looks to be delayed, it could make for a pleasant and dry forecast as well.

On Saturday expect partly cloudy skies with a few showers arriving late on Sunday.