Monon Community Center helps Hamilton County keep fitness goals with over 100 group classes

CARMEL, Ind. – This time of the month, people are either starting to see results from their New Year’s fitness resolutions or they’re looking to reset those goals after going off the rails.

So, it makes sense that an emerging trend for 2018 is group fitness classes. For many, group fitness is not only fun, but the presence of other people provides built-in accountability partners.

To explore one of the most diverse facilities when it comes to fitness offerings, we paid a visit to the Monon Community Center in Carmel, located at 1235 Central Park Drive East, for this edition of "In Your Neighborhood."

“We start classes as early as 5:30 in the morning for those that want to get their workout in before work. We have a big selection of classes during the middle of the day, and we have classes that go in to the evening. So no matter when people want to work out, we have something for them,” said Shauna Lewallen, Monon Center’s Recreation Services Manager.

In total, the Monon Community Center offers 110 group fitness classes each week and every single one is included in the price of their monthly membership ($42 for adults, $38 for seniors, $26 for youth, and $99 for families).

Or if you’re looking for a solo workout, just head upstairs.

“Over the last few years, we’ve replaced almost all of our cardio equipment so it’s all cutting edge, state of the art, and we have lots of different kinds for people that want to get different types of workouts,” Lewallen said.

If winter weather is getting you down, check out their indoor pool for a taste of summer during one of their Aqua Fit classes. We dropped in for their Aqua Strength class, but that’s just one of many Aqua Fit class options.

“One of the most popular classes that we have is Aqua Zumba, so they’re dancing in the water getting their workout in with less impact on their joints,” said Lewallen.

In the summer, they take the Aqua Fit classes to their outdoor pools. There, you’ll see a full-on water park offering kid-friendly areas, special sensory days and adaptive classes for individuals with disabilities, and even some popular adults-only events.

“Their 'Monon Mixer' is really popular. So you can come and have drinks from Mallow Run Winery, float around on the inner tubes and really find something that’s just for adults,” said Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  1. The center has a large selection of activities and classes for individuals of all ability levels. And if you are just looking to try things out, you can get a day pass for $11 for adults and $8 for seniors and youth.
  2. When the weather heats up, people can’t get enough of their water park. It’s equipped with everything and anything you can imagine. Lazy river? Check. Water slides? Check. Lap pool? Check. Water rock climbing? You guessed it--check.
  3. Yelpers love the Monon Community Center and its high-quality workout facilities and water park. There’s something for all ages.
  4. With a large array of workout and exercises classes, Yelpers rave about the selection and the ability to always be able to try out something new. Friendly instructors and employees make the customer experience at the Monon Center something to rave about.

If you’re looking for even more variety, Hamilton County offers a wealth of top-rated fitness classes and facilities.

“You’re going to find InCycle with spin studios up north, you’re going to find Fit Flex Fly for boot-camp style classes, and then there are several different Pilates studios that are top rated within a stone’s throw of Monon,” said Smith.

For more info and local reviews, check out the Monon Center’s Yelp profile. You can also get more info via their website or connect on Facebook and Twitter.

While in Carmel, check out these other local hot-spots within three miles of the Monon Center:

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