Bill that would allow cold beer sales in Indiana convenience stores rejected by Senate committee

file photo

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A bill that would have allowed grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores to sell cold beer in Indiana failed to move past a Senate committee Wednesday.

The Senate Public Policy Committee voted 9-1 to reject the legislation.

Convenience stores can sell cold wine and warm beer. But only package liquor stores and some restaurants can sell carryout cold beer.

Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers Chairman Jon Sinder commended the committee for its decision in the following statement:

“The Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers applaud the Senate Public Policy Committee for rightly rejecting the misguided expansion of the sale of cold beer for carry-out.

Now that this poor public policy has been soundly rejected by the Alcohol Code Revision Commission and by the Indiana State Legislature after months of hearings and testimony, we consider this issue settled.

We remain fully committed to working with legislators on successfully passing a law that will allow for the sale of alcohol for carry out on Sunday for the first time since prohibition.  It is time for Sunday sales!”

The future of a bill that would allow for Sunday alcohol sales seems a little brighter. That legislation was approved by the House Public Policy Committee 12-1 on Wednesday, sending the bill to the full House.

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