Another frigid start for Tuesday with dangerous wind chills around the state

BRR! It's another frigid morning out there!

Does anyone feel like we're going backward? We started the year with subzero temperatures and record-breaking lows. It was the coldest open to a year we've seen in 90 years. We then saw above average highs on January 10th and 11th; our highest temperature was 58°. What happened? We're now in the middle of January and seeing subzero temperatures and wind chills ranging -10° to -20° again! Granted, January is typically the coldest, snowiest month of the year.

But it wasn't this cold last year...

You're right. It wasn't. Indiana's 2017 winter was mild. January 2017 was the 16th warmest on record!

  • 21 days above average
  • 27 days above freezing
  • 10 days above 50°
  • 4 days above 60°

Compare those temperatures to this year:

  • 6 days above freezing
  • 2 days above 50°
  • 0 days above 60°

We're sitting 9.9° below our January average right now.

The good news: we're finally catching up to our season snow totals!

We racked up 2" of snow in Indianapolis Monday, bringing us to 7.5" for the season. We have 4.5" to go before we're back on track for the year.

Looking at the extended forecast, we'll see warmer temperatures later in the week, with 50-degree weather in store for the weekend.