Stray bullet goes into home, critically injures a woman on the city’s west side

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Police say a 33-year-old woman is critically injured after a stray bullet went through a wall in her house.

According to authorities, a gun battle took place in the parking lot of a strip mall on 34th Street, between Donald and Georgetown.

A stray bullet from that gun fight went through a house on the corner of 34th and Donald.

The father and kids living there ducked for cover, but the mom was hit by a bullet.

She was taken to Eskenazi in critical condition.

Captain Harold Turner with IMPD says in these shooting incidents, there is always a risk.

“How many times have we talked about that we’re very fortunate that somebody didn’t get hit?” he said. “…We’ve said that many times. Well tonight, we weren’t fortunate. It caught up with us. As a result, an innocent family is wondering if their mother is going to make it and come back home.”

Right now, there is no suspect information available, other than police believe there was more than one person involved.

However, investigators are looking for any surveillance video from surrounding businesses to see if they can get more information.

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