CBS4 Problem Solvers sees results as new year kicks into gear

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KOKOMO, Ind. -- A few of the issues viewers brought to CBS4 Problem Solvers at the end of 2017 have now been resolved.

Wanda Reynolds is moving around a lot better than she did back in November, when she called CBS4 Problem Solvers for help with her motorized wheelchair.

At the time, Reynolds showed us that the seat on the chair was sagging, the back was torn, and the joystick was falling down, among other problems.

CBS4 Problem Solvers spent two months communicating back and forth with a representative for Reynolds' provider, Medsource Home Medical, to get the chair fixed.

Finally, a technician showed up in early January and replaced nearly every part of the wheelchair. Reynolds says she is back to life as usual in her senior apartment building.

"You can go down there with the rest of the people and not be the joke of the day," Reynolds said. "Channel 4 has (given) me a new outlook."

A Medsource spokesperson sent this statement:

"MedSource unfortunately had to close down its IN sales office in early 2017 due to key personnel moving out of state. Since that time, it has maintained at no small cost an active repair program. The aim of that program is to continue service for all MedSource patients that had previously received mobility equipment. Those for whom such equipment is necessary know that little else has the same ability to provide comfort and quality of life. MedSource recognizes this and is committed to helping users maintain their equipment to the best of its ability. It was with sincere excitement that the news of Wanda Reynolds' completed repairs reached the corporate office."

Additionally, Vietnam veteran and VA retiree Rip Forte has seen his problem solved.

Forte's wife contacted CBS4 Problem Solvers after a check the couple had initially been told would arrive in October did not come through. The check was for more than $5,000 as the result of a lawsuit for back pay owed to VA employees.

Forte said the check finally arrived in late December, just after Christmas. The family was disappointed, but relieved that it finally arrived.

Finally, relief arrived just in time for Betty Burhannon, 88.

CBS4 Problem Solvers visited Burhannon on Thanksgiving, when she was using her stove and candles to heat her home, due to an electrical issue.

Burhannon had applied for a loan with the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership, or INHP, but had not heard back and had become worried.

Just a week after our visit, the loan went through and a crew arrived to fix Burhannon's heat

If you have a problem you'd like CBS4 Problem Solvers to consider in 2018, contact us at (317) 677-1544 or

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