Cascade trio shares unique dynamic on the court

CLAYTON, Ind. - Cascade girls' basketball boasts a triple threat of seniors within their starting five.

“When we’re on the court, we just kind of bounce off each other and we’ll just give each other a look and know, okay she needs me to pass it to her,” Cascade forward Emelia Bryant said.

“There will come one point in a game where one of the three will give us exactly what we need, so it’s nice that they’re all three different. They really work hard for each other and it’s a good dynamic to have around,” Cascade head basketball coach Dave Carpenter said.

Emelia, Olivia and Sophia aren't just teammates...they're triplets.

“When it comes to anything sports, they are the most competitive with each other,” Sophia Bryant says of Emelia and Olivia. “But when it comes to academics, it’s us two,” she says of herself and Emelia.

They're not identical in appearance or in what they bring to the court.

“If we played all the same position, it would be very difficult, but I think it’s cool that we all play a different position because that makes it easier for us to bounce off each another,” Olivia Bryant explained.

Olivia, the scrappy point guard, leads the Cadets in points and assists. Emelia is the team's leading rebounder, with fellow forward Sophia often creating those opportunities for her sisters.

“She’s like the mix of everything,” Sophia said of Emelia. “Olivia is strictly guard, and she gets all the points and so does Emelia, she gets the rebounds. I’m like the blue collar worker, I get them open and set screens.”

The Bryant sisters began playing basketball as toddlers, but the athletic trio excelled in a number of sports.

“When we were younger, we were really active,” Olivia said. “We did a little bit of everything, and then when we got older, it got more expensive, so my dad said, ‘you guys really need to choose one.’ It was between softball and basketball and two out of the three of us chose basketball, Emelia really liked softball but just happened to be basketball.”

Although they've played together their entire lives, this is the first time the three are consistently seeing time on the court together.

“It’s really cool to be on the court at the same time, it really is,” Olivia admitted.

When asked if given their different strengths, abilities and talents, they never thought there would be a time the three would all be starting together, each shook her head, with Olivia giving an emphatic, “no!,” followed by a laugh.

“We’ve always been at different levels,” Olivia explained. “I think this is the very first year we’ve all stepped up.”

“I think we’ve all improved a lot at different times,” Emelia added.

“I’ve always had the hardest time trying to keep up with them in general, so this is the first year that I’ve actually been able to play with them and it’s been a great experience overall,” Sophia said.

The three are currently taking college visits and hope to head to the same college in the fall.

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