Short-lived warm-up this week before snow, cold temperatures return

Wednesday wake up: Warm & wet!

I walked outside this morning, took a second sip of my coffee and had to do a retake. Is it really well above freezing this morning? You got it! It feels good out the door with temperatures sitting in the upper 30s and low 40s. Once you get on the road, though, you'll notice raindrops on your windshield and puddles sitting in the streets. Scattered showers will push through central Indiana through midday today.

We're adding some new elements to the mix: fog & wind

On top of the warm temperatures and wet conditions, fog is leading to reduced visibility yet again today. While it's not freezing fog like some experienced on Tuesday, it is creating some hazardous conditions. Indianapolis, for example, is struggling to see past a half mile. Later, as that fog burns off, you might feel some breezy to gusty conditions into the afternoon. Grab the neon windbreaker.

Buckle up, it's a rollercoaster of a forecast

Temperatures will be nearing 60 Thursday, but more intense and widespread rain moves in that evening. Downpours will be possible across some of our western counties, near Crawfordsville and Frankfort. That rain could potentially turn into freezing rain for Friday, sleet and then straight up snow. Plan ahead and assume we'll end the weekend how we started it: messy with a mix of precipitation types.

How much?

Good question. The problem is that this system hasn't even necessarily developed yet. While we're confident in the overall picture, we're still fine-tuning snow accumulation and precipitation types as we head into the weekend. As of Tuesday night, our two different weather models were indicating two very different amounts.

One showed a couple of inches of snow whereas the other indicated more than a foot. I'm not going that high and won't put numbers on it until probably Thursday evening, but I feel good saying we'll see a good amount of accumulation on the ground as we wake up Saturday. So...grab the shovel and have it handy.

This heat wave will be shortlived

Enjoy the warm temperatures while you can because as these next few systems roll through, we're going to be left with below average numbers yet again. We'll nosedive into the teens Sunday and plummet into the single digits overnight into Monday.