Monday starts with wintry mix; warm-up on the way later this week

It's an icy start out there! We saw rain pass through overnight, freezing rain between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. and most recently, snow. The main threat for Monday morning is the layer of ice out on the roads, sidewalks and parking lots. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until 1 p.m.

You can find school delays and closings here.

We originally forecast 1" to 2" of snow in the area, but that didn't happen. Why?

It has to do with evaporative cooling. Essentially, you have several layers of air that precipitation has to pass through. As the moisture falls through the air, lower than 1,500' it's either evaporating or melting into rain as it gets closer to the surface.

That brings up another question: if temperatures are near or above freezing, why are we experiencing freezing rain?

The ground temperature is different than the air temperature. Yes, we are sitting in the 30s, however, if you take a temperature gun outside you'll find that parking lots, sidewalks and roadways are below freezing.

After this wintry mix passes, a warm-up is in store.

This moisture will last through midday. Then, we'll see cloudy conditions through Thursday. Temperatures won't climb much today; we only have 2° to go for the day.

We'll climb into the mid to upper 50s Wednesday and Thursday. At that point, several systems push in, bringing rain to our viewing area. Rain will turn to accumulating snow Friday into Saturday.