Franklin Central students run school coffee shop in memory of former teacher

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- Students at Franklin Central High School are running a café in honor of their teacher who passed away from brain cancer.

'McCormick's Café ' is a student-run coffee shop in the school's cafeteria. Students sell coffee and learn what goes into running a real business.

Former teacher, John McCormick came up with the idea to open a coffee shop in the high school as part of the students' curriculum and taught the class before he passed away in 2016.

Students have rebranded the coffee shop in his memory.

“He was great, funny guy, he always had the best jokes and was always a clown," said senior, Adam Stachel. "He’s missed for sure.”

The cafe is open daily before school, where students and teachers can buy coffee.

“If you work the café in the morning, we’re open 7 to 7:50," said Stachel. "We make the drinks and teachers can actually call in and get it delivered to their desk. So we get students and teachers and the principal to come through and order coffee.”

Edward Berry now instructs the business administration class at the high school.

“Students here at Franklin Central High School have done a great job in the advanced business administration class in not only transforming what is basically a classroom laboratory, but into a successful and profitable business," said Berry.

“I’ve learned a lot through this class because I’m actually going to Ball State next year to hopefully get my MBA so this is kind of just a first step at getting an experience in the business world and just kind of learning from it and getting that real-world experience.”

Proceeds from McCormick's Café go toward the John McCormick Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a senior to help pay for college.

A portion of the proceeds also go toward the school's Unified track team for students with disabilities.

The cafe is open weekdays from 7 a.m.-7:50 a.m. at 6215 S Franklin Road.

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