Gets colder before temperatures rise above freezing

As submariners say, “Dive. Dive. Dive”.  That is what our temperatures will do tonight.

Clear skies and snow covered ground will allow temperatures to dive well below zero by Friday morning.

Forecast low temperatures Friday morning.

Combine the temperatures with the wind and wind chill values will fall to -10° to -25° late Thursday night through Friday morning.

It will be slow to warm Friday morning, but sunny skies will allow temperatures to rise up to the single digits to middle teens around central Indiana.

Forecast high temperatures Friday afternoon.

Even colder temperatures are expected in central Indiana as we should drop to -11° in Indianapolis Saturday morning.


Indianapolis dropped below 32° at approximately 3pm December 24.  That takes the streak to 268 consecutive hours of temperatures below freezing in the state capital.

I have been scouring the northern hemisphere in search for warmer temperatures and believe I’ve found some.  I think the streak may end around 335 consecutive hours.

A wave of energy is traversing the northern Pacific Ocean in the upper-level winds.

Energy crossing the northern Pacific Ocean will bring “milder” temperatures and threat for mixed precipitation.

This piece of energy will impact central Indiana Sunday and Monday bringing with it the chance for precipitation and slightly “milder” air… Meaning, temperatures look to get above freezing!

Upper-level winds will shift from the northwest (what we currently are experiencing) to the west and eventually the southwest towards the second half of the weekend.  This will pump “warmer”, more moist air in to the Midwest.  As temperatures through the atmospheric column won’t rise too much Sunday, precipitation will start out as snow before transitioning over to a rain/snow mix Monday.

While a rain/snow mix looks possible, some may end up with all rain and some may end up with all snow.  Those are details we will have to iron out as we get closer to the event.  Stay tuned!

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