Measurable snow coming to central Indiana prior to the weekend

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Upper-level energy is moving out of the Rocky Mountains this evening and will move towards the Midwest over the next 18-24 hours.  The energy will develop a clipper that has the potential to drop a couple inches of snow in central Indiana Friday.


Latest computer model data suggests band of 1" to 2" of snow from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning across the CBS4 viewing area.  Within that area a corridor of higher amounts, 3" to 4" of snow, will be possible.

It is not entirely out of the question there could be a couple locations to pick-up near 5", but those should be very isolated.

There will be a sharp cut-off on the southern edge of the band of snow - going from 1" to nothing in a short distance.


Computer model projection of radar and satellite data.

Computer models suggest snow will cross the Illinois/Indiana state line during the early afternoon.  The snow should quickly spread east - arriving in the Indianapolis metro between 3pm-5pm.

Snow should be out of the area during the early, pre-dawn hours Saturday.


How much additional snow will be on the ground for the Friday morning commute and evening commute.

Unfortunately, the timing is such that snow should be falling during the evening commute.  In the Indianapolis metro I think 1" to 1.5" of additional snow could be on the ground through 7pm.  Northeastern/eastern areas of the station will likely be less than an inch for the evening commute.


Indianapolis is on its 100th consecutive hour below freezing as of 7pm.  It started at 3pm Sunday, December 24.  We are nowhere near a record.  According to the National Weather Service Indianapolis office, the record for consecutive days below freezing in Indianapolis is 36 days.  Yes, 36 DAYS!

Computer models continue to suggest that central Indiana remains in the deep freeze through at least the first week of January.  In fact, if my forecast verifies, this will be the 3rd coldest open to January (1-2) since 1872 in Indianapolis. (Based on daily average temperatures.)

  1. 1928 (-1.5°)
  2. 1887 (2°)
  3. 1940 (8.5°)
  4. (9°)


A cold front will pass through the state Saturday bringing in a shot of even colder air.  Temperatures will fall through the day, to around 11° by afternoon.  With colder air in place, and a fresh couple inches of snow, temperatures should plummet Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings.

If Indianapolis drops to -7° Tuesday, it will be the coldest air temperature in Indianapolis since January 8, 2015 when it was -7°.

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