IMPD officers make early morning trip on Christmas to buy toys for family

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indianapolis Metropolitan police made early morning trips to a CVS store and a gas station on Christmas morning to buys gifts for three children who would’ve otherwise had nothing to open.

According to a post on IMPD’s Facebook page, Officer Tiffany Rand was responding to an investigation at a home on Dec. 25 when she noticed there were no presents or Christmas tree. Three children, all younger than 6 years old, lived there.

IMPD said Rand and another officer, Ryan Archer, tried to come up with ways to help the mother and three children who’d fallen on some “hard times.”

The officers found a CVS store and a Speedway gas station open so they could buy remote control cars, a Barbie doll, candy and stuffed animals for the two boys and one girl. They also bought doughnuts for breakfast.

“There are times in the profession of law enforcement that it can be forgotten by the general public that police officers are human, or it’s believed that officers don’t have feelings,” the post on IMPD’s Facebook page said. “Officers like Tiffany Rand, who is compassionate and caring, showed that this stereotype is far from the truth.”

IMPD said the officers “know and understand that folks get down on their luck and sometimes don’t ask for help.”

“When the officers delivered the Christmas gifts to the three adorable children, the household greeted them with handshakes, hugs, and smiles at 2:30 a.m.,” the Facebook post read. “To say the children were overjoyed would be an understatement. The look of undeniable happiness on each one of their faces were priceless!”

Officer Tiffany Rand

The department also thanked employees at CVS and Speedway for working on the holiday so they could “make this tiny miracle happen.”

“This is why I became a police officer. I wanted to truly make a difference in people’s lives. Last night I think Officer Archer and I did that,” Rand said. “Words can’t describe the feelings I had last night seeing those kids light up with smiles and excitement.”

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