Get used to the cold air, it is here for a long visit

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Computer models suggest an Arctic front will pass through the Midwest to start the weekend.

Cold air has entrenched itself in central Indiana and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

While most of Tuesday was cloudy, skies will begin to clear from the north this evening allowing temperatures to quickly drop.

Temperatures will plunge to near 0° Wednesday morning and where there is more snow on the ground, temperatures will fall below zero.

While there won’t be much wind overnight, there will be just enough (out of the north at 5-10 mph) to create wind chill values as low as -7° to -18° (yes, that is in Fahrenheit).

Because of the extremely cold wind chill values, the National Weather Service has issued a Wind Chill Advisory for the northern half of Indiana.  The advisory is in effect from 10pm Tuesday through 10am Wednesday morning.

While the advisory is over the northern part of the state that does not mean it will be warm over the southern half.  Wind chill values will fall to below zero from Seymour to Bedford and areas north.


The clear skies that allow for a cold Wednesday morning will stick around through most of the day Wednesday.  While it will look nice out the window, the thermometer will suggest something else.

Forecast high temperatures Wednesday.

Temperatures will struggle to climb out of the single digits, especially areas where snow remains on the ground.


Indianapolis is now on its 52nd consecutive hour below freezing.  The Indianapolis International Airport – the official observation site for the city – dropped below freezing at 3pm Sunday, December 24.

Long range computer models are suggesting that temperatures could remain below freezing in central Indiana for the next 11 to 12 days, not crossing 32°F until January 7!

Computer models suggest an Arctic front will pass through the Midwest to start the weekend.

In fact, computer models are suggesting a strong Arctic cold front will pass through Indiana early Saturday – bringing in even colder air to central Indiana.  Ahead of the front, an accumulating snow may develop late Friday night and Saturday morning.  Once the front passes, temperatures will fall sharply Saturday afternoon.  By Sunday morning Indianapolis may drop below zero.

2018 looks to start very cold.  If our forecast verifies, this would be the third coldest open to January in Indianapolis since 1872.

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