Delphi families push through the first Christmas without their girls

DELPHI, IND. - Christmas in Delphi will not be the same this year.

“She would want us to have Christmas. She would hope we kept moving and going and she will be there,” said Abby’s mom Anna Williams.

Because for the first time in 14-years Abby and Libby will not be home for the holidays.

“Christmas morning was waking up and the kids get their gifts and the story was always that someone had to start the coffee before the came and got us up,” said Libby’s grandpa Mike Patty.

The girls were murdered while walking on a Delphi trail in February.

“How can somebody continue to walk around out there for ten months and we do not have them yet?" asked Patty.

Ten months later and the police are still trying to track the killer down. Investigators know what he looks like and what he sounds like but have not found him yet.

“Am I frustrated with the police and their work activity? Absolutely not. They are working as diligently as u have ever seen somebody work on something,” said Patty.

Last Christmas is still on Anna Williams mind.

“It was Christmas morning and we got through all of the presents and they started going through their stockings and Abby just had this look on her face I said Abby what is wrong? She looked at me and said I did not have a stocking and I said honey I’m sorry! I will make this up to you…and then you do not always get that chance. That was a really hard moment to think about after the fact that here it was, the last one, and it was not perfect,” said Williams.

The family hopes that someone out there who knows this killer speaks out and closes this chapter in their life.

“If you want to give the girls a Christmas present, call it in. Call that information in so that one last chapter in this story of the life that we are now living can be closed,” said Patty.

If you have any information on the case, call the Abby and Libby tip line at 844-459-5786.

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