Experts say upcoming 40-degree drop could cost Hoosiers big money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Temperatures are going to drop around 40 degrees over the weekend. The colder weather could cost Hoosiers big bucks.

“Anytime you have dropping temperatures and high winds you are going to have freezing pipes,” said Scott McCracken of AttaBoy Plumbing company.

McCracken knows that winter lesson better than most people.

“It usually happens with the first big drop in temperatures because everyone finds out what their problems are,” said McCracken.

The plumbing expert has fixed dozens of frozen pipes for more than a decade.

“So far we have not had frozen pipes this year but they will come with the temperature drop. People are usually in a panic when that happens so we want to get out there quickly,” said McCracken.

For some, the panic may come in the next few days as well fall around 40 degrees, turning the water flowing through the pipes to ice.

“Water in the pipe freezes and it expands the pipe and puts a split in it, which is a burst. When it thaws out then suddenly you have water spraying out and people see water coming through the walls,” said McCracken.

Pipes located in the garage and bathrooms near the exterior walls freeze first. To thaw them out can cost a few hundred dollars, but if they burst, you could spend around $1,000 on repairs. So, take simple precautions like leaving your water faucet on a drip.

“It seems like a lot of water and it is but it is a lot cheaper than having a frozen pipe,” said McCracken.

After you winterize your home head out to your car. AAA Hoosier Motor Club suggests keeping a basic emergency kit in your vehicle during the winter.

The kit should include a blanket, winter clothing, flares and anti-freeze in case your car breaks down,” said Greg Seiter of AAA.

Make sure you have what you need before you find yourself in a frigid situation.

DPW crews are planning to send out crews to salt the roadways and will decide as the weather progresses if they will need to send out plows as well.

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