Suzy’s Teahouse and Bakery offers true gluten-free options and over 80 loose-leaf teas to Franklin

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FRANKLIN, Ind. — Just a thirty minute drive south of downtown Indianapolis is the quiet, friendly town of Franklin. And just across from the town court house, you’ll find Suzy’s Teahouse & Bakery at 25 E. Court Street.

Suzy’s opened their doors almost three years ago with the intention of not wanting to be a typical tea room. So what makes this place such a rare find?

“We do just about everything that any other bakery can do but we do it gluten-free,” said owner Suzy Buckler.

A truly one hundred percent gluten-free bakery is hard to find. That’s something Buckler found out first hand when she went gluten-free 14 years ago.

“I know how difficult it is for people to find a place that they can go in and know one hundred percent sure that it’s okay,” she said.

Some of their most popular items include peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, coconut macaroons, no-bake cookies, banana bread, and peanut butter mousse pie. And they are so good, you wouldn’t ever know they are gluten-free. But Buckler said that has been an expertise that took years to master.

“It’s taken many years to perfect the recipes and I blend my own flours And it’s just taken a long time,” she added.

And since Suzy’s is a tea house, you can’t forget to try one of their over 80 loose-leaf teas.

“I have black teas, green teas, white teas, yellow teas, any kind of teas,” she added.

If you need help deciding, just go over to their wall of teas where you can smell each variety and narrow down some favorites.

“Then we ask ‘Do you like mint, do you like fruity, what type of taste do you like?’ And then we can blend that tea or serve that tea to you,” said Buckler.

Even if you’re stopping in to shop, there’s plenty of additional local items for sale, so you can take a piece of Franklin home with you.

“Here you’ll find several local items like local soaps, seasonings, they’ve even got the cozies for the teapots,” said Yelp Indy’s Brittany Smith.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  • 1: Yelpers love the aesthetic of this business. Described as “adorable” and “cozy,” and commended for being an enjoyable workspace, patrons love dining in at this teahouse.
  • 2: Reviewers love this local Franklin biz that offers an abundance of loose leaf teas and an entirely gluten-free menu.
  • 3: Along with a large selection of beverages and pastries, Suzy’s also has a lunch menu returning this January that includes quiches, grilled cheeses, soups, and other classic bistro fare.
  • 4: People rave about the friendly atmosphere of the tea-shop. From a knowledgeable staff to the welcoming owner of the shop, patrons love their experience at Suzy’s.

This town holds a special place in Buckler’s heart. It’s where she was raised and where she returned to her roots after living several years elsewhere. Now, as the Suzy behind Suzy’s Teahouse and Bakery, it’s where she welcomes everyone with open arms.

“That’s the fun part of it is that I have the high school kids, I have people from the senior living communities and everywhere in between,” she said.

You can check out Suzy’s Teahouse & Bakery on Yelp. You can also connect with them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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