Martinsville man arrested after police say he set grandmother’s house on fire while on meth

Brian Davis

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. – Police believe a Martinsville man set his grandmother’s house on fire while high on meth Sunday.

Officers responded to the home on W. Poston Rd. after being told a female was able to get out, but her grandson, 29-year-old Brian Davis, may have been trapped inside.

A responding officer attempted to enter the home to search for Davis, but was unable to due to thick smoke. The officer then tried yelling the man’s name, but heard no response, so he returned to the grandmother. While speaking with the woman, the officer was informed that Davis had been hallucinating after doing meth, according to a police report.

The grandmother was transported to the IU Morgan emergency room, where she was treated for second degree burns to her fingers.

Police later located Davis at the rear of the house. He was transported to the police department, where officers say he admitted to starting the fire after eating two grams of meth the day before.

Davis said the fire was started because he lit some paper with a lighter and placed it by the door to keep people from coming in, according to the police report.

When the fire got too big, Davis said he exited the home. When asked why he didn’t help his grandmother out of the house, Davis said “I don’t know, guess I was scared of the fire and flames and all that,” according to a police report.

Davis was transported to the hospital for possible smoke inhalation. After being released, he was arrested and charged with arson resulting in bodily injury and criminal mischief.

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