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IMPD recruit class one of its most diverse yet thanks to new efforts

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – IMPD has sworn in one of its most diverse recruit classes.

There are 59 people in the 16th Recruit class, with 27 White males, 14 Black males, 3 Latino males, 1 Latino female, 8 White females, 4 Black females, and 2 Asian males.

When looking at proportions, there are two groups in particular that stand out.

This newest class is 22 percent female and 33 percent Black.

Right now IMPD’s force is only 13 percent female and 14 percent Black.

Over the last year, FOX59 has followed the department’s new and big efforts to improve diversity recruitment.

One of the recruits involved in one of the programs says female officer role models made their goals easier to achieve.

“They take you every step of the way,” said Da’Onna Smith. “They guide your hand, they tell you exactly how it’s going to be, what to expect, things like that. And what they said is exactly how it is, so if you follow them, you can succeed.

A “Run Club” to prepare potential recruits for the physical fitness test meets every Tuesday evening at the training academy. It’s open to all potential recruits, but some, like Smith, have found special refuge there.

“It feels like home, you develop another home,” said Smith. “So we already formed a bond. And it just made it bigger with this actually coming to reality.”

Chief Bryan Roach says they plan to double down on their efforts to get more people with a variety of backgrounds in uniform and expand their initiatives with other communities.

“We’re doing well and it took a lot of work by our recruiting officers,” said Chief Roach. “And you know, we’re in a time period where we struggle a bit with, not everybody wants to be the police.”

IMPD is already looking for members of its 17th Recruit Class.

If you’re interested in applying, click here.

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