Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders impress on and off the field

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Fans know the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders from game days and community events, but they’re equally impressive off the field.

Yuka, who’s in her second season with the team, is a native of Kobe, Japan.

Two years ago, she made the team and moved 6,700 miles to Indianapolis.

“I was a cheerleader for nine years in Japan, and I also belonged to one of Japanese football teams for five years,” Yuka said of her experience before trying out with the Colts.

When she’s not on the field, Yuka works as a local dance instructor.

“I love cheer and the kids, so I think this is my best job,” Yuka said.

On the other side of the world, Rose grew up in Syracuse, New York, and is in her first season with the team.

“Being an NFL cheerleader is always something that I’ve wanted to do,” Rose said. “I’ve grown up as a dancer my whole life.”

Off the field, Rose, a Notre Dame graduate, works as a structural engineer.

“If you take structural engineering and you take transportation and you put it together, for the most part you get bridges,” Rose said. “So what I do on a daily basis is I help with the design of bridges.”

The two grew up far from one another – and far from Indianapolis – but both ended up in the heart of Colts nation.

“Living in Indianapolis, being able to represent the Colts, is a great experience,” Rose said.

Both say free time is limited, but they’re living out a dream. As for what’s next, who knows!

“Actually not decided yet after Colts,” Yuka said. “But I’m planning next my adventure.”

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