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Indianapolis Public Library installs life-saving devices following CBS4 report

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- All of the city's libraries have new life-saving devices, following a CBS4 Problem Solvers investigation.

In May, CBS4 looked into the prevalence of automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, in public places across Indianapolis. The devices can be used to save someone in cardiac arrest.

Our report found that the Indianapolis Public Library system did not have AEDs in any of its locations, despite the daily use of the libraries by members of the public.

"In the past, we really did stay away from it," CEO Jackie Nytes told CBS4 Problem Solvers at the time. "There was a lot of concern expressed by our insurance company and by our attorneys."

Nytes said as a result of our questions, she checked again, and found that the situation had changed.

Now, six months later, the result is brand new AEDs across the library system.

"We were able to get out into the marketplace and purchase AED devices for all of our buildings throughout the entire county. ... Here in Central Library, we’ve installed six of them," Nytes said.

AEDs have become important tools that are growing in popularity across central Indiana. The device, used in conjunction with CPR, can shock a person back to life if their heart suddenly stops.

The American Red Cross and other groups now teach students in every CPR class how to use an AED, which typically talks you through the process and does not shock someone with a heartbeat.

"People just need to become more comfortable with an AED," Red Cross instructor Clay Bryant told CBS4 in May.

Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services is providing free training to the library's 600 employees through its Indy CARES program. Nytes said management had been trained and training sessions at all locations would happen in the coming weeks.

"With the installation of these devices, perhaps now we have one more dimension of what it means to be in a safe place in your public library," Nytes said. "When the time comes, I hope we're able to do some good."

To learn more about the Indy CARES program and AED devices, as well as free training, email or visit the link here.

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