Young ex-felon wins ‘Trailblazer’ award for at-risk youth outreach

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- A young man with a long rap sheet is now working to keep other kids away from jail. Now local organizations are celebrating his work.

Last night, Montez “Ace” Williams accepted the new “Rick Ross Changed” Award, celebrating his journey overcoming past hardships.

Less than a year ago, Williams sat in a prison cell.

When he got out, he decided to start a business and use it to teach kids like that there are better, legal ways to get money.

Williams has them snow-blowing, raking, even mowing yards of abandoned houses.  He employs kids just off house arrest or probation that most other programs won’t.

“Teach them how to be young entrepreneurs, so they won’t have to be out here,” said Williams. “They ain’t gotta kick in nobody’s door, they ain’t gotta steal from nobody, they ain’t gotta shoot nobody for money, they ain’t gotta hustle illegally for money.”

Williams is preparing to work with the Ross Foundation to expand his program for young teens next year. He wants to make work available for them year-round.