Woman says auto body shop closed suddenly, didn’t return her car

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A woman is looking for answers after she says an east side auto body shop closed its doors and took her car.

Angela Robins says on Nov. 10 she took her daughter’s car to the Mechanically Inclined auto body shop in the Irvington neighborhood to have a water pump replaced. Robbins says she had used the shop before had been happy with their service.

“I did get great service before, and the prices were so reasonable I was so happy,” she said.

Originally, Robbins says she was told the repairs would be quick fixes, but says weeks went by without the car being serviced. After struggling to get concrete answers, Robbins tells CBS4 she decided to pay a visit to the shop to check on their progress in person. She says she was shocked by what she saw.

“I came back during the daytime, looked in and everything was gone,” she said.

Robbins says Mechanically Inclined appeared to be completely deserted and her daughter’s car was nowhere to be seen. She tells CBS4 attempts to contact the shop’s owner have gone unreturned so far.

“Part of me is very angry and wants angry things, but the other part of me says maybe there’s a situation I don’t understand, and so I’m just trying to stay in the middle right now,” she said.

CBS4 spoke with the landlord who owns the property where the shop is located. He stated that he evicted the business owners for being behind in rent payments. CBS4 also made repeated attempts to reach the business’ owner. However, those attempts were unsuccessful.

A spokesperson for IMPD says they’re currently investigating the situation, but added that it may end up being a “civil issue.”

Robbins says she’s currently mulling her legal options, but for now just wants her daughter’s car back.

“At this point in time I’ll take it as is and somebody else can fix it. Just let’s have the car back.”