Indianapolis firefighters take kids in need Christmas shopping

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A group of Indianapolis kids is getting into the Christmas spirit, all thanks to the Indianapolis Fire Department.

On Saturday morning, kids in need from around town were paired up with an Indianapolis firefighter, and got the chance to eat breakfast, pick up some new clothes, and pick up an early Christmas present or two from Santa Claus.

“Everybody loves new clothes, new shoes,” said IFD Captain Chris Major, “this is a way to let them be a part of that.”

Major has been participating in the event since he became a firefighter decades ago. For families in need, this event can be a huge blessing during the holidays.

“I had took (sic) the time to write in to the fire department,” said Shirley Motley, who was there with her five grandkids. “I didn’t know if they was (sic) going to help or not, but I’m grateful that they did.”

Motley says her daughter is doing the best she can to provide for her five kids, and said the event really helps out.

“Normally we’re seeing people in tragedies and medical emergencies and fires and now we get to do something positive for these kids,” said IFD Battalion Chief Scott Isaacs.

This is an annual event for the Indianapolis Fire Department, and the money to make it possible is raised all year long.

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