Local agencies preparing for winter weather


INDIANAPOLIS,IN--Agencies like the Indianapolis Department of Public Works, (DPW) and the Indiana Department of Transportation, (INDOT) are outlining their plains on how to keep Hoosier roadways safe ahead of the first accumulating snow of the season.

A spokesperson for INDOT says road crews have spent the past week pre-treating highways with brine. The solution works to prevent snow and ice from sticking to road surfaces. As of Friday, the agency planned for 63 trucks to be on the roadways throughout the Indianapolis area. Throughout the day Friday, the agency was stocking up on truckloads of salt totaling 1000 tons.

‘Our guys have been watching the forecast, they’ve been watching the roadways, the pavement temperatures and all that so they’re getting prepared for this weekend,” director of media relations Lamar Holliday said.

A spokesperson with DPW says the organization is preparing for the snow by having 80 drivers treating roads with salt late Friday night through Saturday and using plows if necessary.  Spokesperson Warren Stokes says their focus will be on, bridge decks and overpasses.

“Those are the places we’re really going to focus on using salt,” he said.

Stokes says The Indy Snow Force Viewer will activate after 11 p.m. When crews hit the roads. The online tool allows anyone to see real-time movements where DPW crews have treated roads.

As INDOT and DPW work to keep roadways dry, the Indiana State Police are asking drivers to do their part in avoiding accidents. ISP Sargent John Perrine says typically the agency sees a spike in accidents during the first big snow fall.

Perrine says drivers need to remember to keep their speed in check while there’s snow on the ground, and increase the space between themselves and other cars while on the roads. He also recommends avoiding the roads completely while it snows if you can, and giving road crews plenty of time and space to plow and lay down salt

“A lot of people do have to go out for work and for other things so just plan ahead, give yourself that extra time so that you’re not in a hurry and don’t feel like you have to drive faster to get where you’re going,” he said.

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