Good Samaritan robbed at gunpoint while trying to help

FRANKLIN, Ind. - In the middle of a generous act, police say a good Samaritan was robbed at gunpoint.

Around 8:30 Wednesday evening, officers were called to Johnson Ave. A business owner told police a man claiming to need help was actually an armed robber.

“It’s a pretty low thing to do,” explains Chief Tim O’Sullivan with the Franklin Police Department.

Jimmy Diaz owns Jimmy’s Tarp Repair.  He says as he was loading up his truck a man on a bicycle approached him and asked him for money to buy food.

“If I can I help, I help,” explains Jimmy Diaz, robbery victim.

The kind act turned into a crime. When Diaz pulled out his wallet, the man pulled out a gun. Within seconds the man took all of the $240 and took off.

“I work very, very, hard. Very, very hard. I’m not rich but I like helping other people,” explains Jimmy Diaz, robbery victim.

Diaz’s two kids, ages 19 and 24 were with him at the time. Franklin police are trying to track down the thief before he hits again.

“If he’s willing to pull a gun on someone for his money where does he stop, so he’s dangerous,” explains Chief O’Sullivan.

It didn’t matter if the money Diaz was giving to this stranger was actually going towards food, he was still willing to help him. Diaz admits he’s still mad and feels he has no choice but to be more cautious when it comes to being generous.

“It’s sad. It’s discouraging because he was doing the right thing and be nice and help someone out, that’s what he got in return,” explains Chief O’Sullivan.

Diaz is looking to add security cameras in the area. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Franklin Police Department.

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