Indiana traffic stop reveals reindeer passenger

Photos courtesy of Indiana State Police

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. – A traffic stop in Hendricks County led to a festive surprise Thursday morning.

It happened when Master Trooper Don Farris stopped a white 2014 Dodge van for a minor traffic violation on westbound I-74 near SR 39.

After receiving a warning from the trooper, the Indianapolis driver, Christopher T. Hansen, asked if the officer would want to see his unusual passenger in the rear of the vehicle.

When the trooper took a look, he was confronted with an adult reindeer.

Hansen explained that he has a business called Silly Safaris Shows Inc. and he was on his way to Attica, Indiana, where he was going to put on a show at an elementary school.

“Pictures were taken and pleasantries were exchanged, thus enjoying the spirit of Christmas, and reminding all of us that you just never know what will transpire during a traffic stop along our highways,” said Indiana State Police.

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