Plainfield police captain reinstated after comment at training session

PLAINFIELD, Ind. – Plainfield’s Board of Police Commissioners have decided to return Capt. Cari Weber to her duties after making comments at a training session.

Capt. Carri Weber was placed on administrative leave on Nov. 16 after making comments that some say were controversial.

During a transgender awareness training seminar, a colleague of Weber said he didn’t understand a statistic.

Weber responded, “You wouldn’t with your white male privilege.” The incident was caught on camera.

A letter of reprimand will be placed in Weber’s file.

Plainfield police issued the following statement Thursday night on the decision.

“The decision was made by the Plainfield’s Board of Police Commissioners to reinstate Captain Weber to her current position. The Plainfield Police Department fully supports the training that was held to embrace the diversity in our community. The safety and security of the visitors and residents of the Town of Plainfield remains our first priority. We want to thank our officers that day-in and day-out provide the same level of professional service to every member of our community.”

In August, Weber was reprimanded by the department for violating their alcohol policy.

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