‘Hope Mommies’ raising money to support mothers who have lost babies

SOUTH BEND, Ind.– A group of norther Indiana mothers is working to raise money to support moms who have lost their babies.

Julie Lehman, Kerry Vadala and Jessica Barnes started a local chapter of Hope Mommies because they didn’t have that type of support when they each lost their babies, WSBT reports.

They say they know what that kind of support would mean to a grieving mom.

Hope Mommies is a faith-based nonprofit that ministers to moms who have experienced miscarriage, still birth or the death of a child.

They also raise money to create “hope boxes,” which contain gifts like books, a bible, a journal and other mementos.

“No a box clearly never replaces your child,” Lehman told WSBT. “It’s a way for you to leave knowing that there is hope that there are people around you that want to love on you and care for you and to help bring you comfort. And there is hope for right now and there is hope for tomorrow and for eternity as well.”

A box costs about $50. Click here to find out more about Hope Mommies or to donate to their cause.

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